Monday, January 2, 2012

Happenings Cont'd

We had a few days of sunshine, and adventurous spirits, so we decided to take Bow out for a little hike today on some state land.  It was a balmy 14 degrees out with 20 mph wind, but we decided to go out anyway and get a little exercise!  Being out there is really making me look forward to when it warms up a little bit and I can really enjoy walking around, or fishing local streams and lakes.  Here are some pics of the outing:

Hiking through a thick cedar swamp

Starting a fire cause we were so cold!


I made him take a picture, because we never take pictures together!

Bow patiently waiting to keep hiking

What hiking adventure would be complete without some guns? ;)

Oh, and I stumbled across this picture on my camera and it reeeaaaaally made me long for a summer day at the beach!  Especially when it's 14 degrees and snowy here!

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