Monday, January 20, 2014

Winter Fun!

We had lots of fun this past weekend when Declan's girlfriend Paula came to visit! We had planned to initiate her to snowshoeing and that we did! We gave her a weekend of many 'firsts', including snowshoeing, shooting a gun, driving on a frozen lake, among other lesser things. Saturday morning we killed some time downtown Norway (waiting for it to warm up a little bit) by going to St. Vincent's thrift store and 8th Avenue Antique Salvage-a great local antique shop! Sad to say I did not get a picture of Declan's thrift store find-a tiny pair of mens 80's swim trunks that I'm ashamed to say he actually will wear in public. Then, after a light lunch and with the sun shining we headed out for an afternoon of snowshoeing. It turned out to be the perfect afternoon, mid 20's with sunshine and a light wind. We hiked around 3 hours and built a campfire up on a bluff with an amazing view underfoot. It was a idyllic first snowshoe for Paula, if I do say so myself! Then, after an awesome morning of worship on Sunday we headed out to the woods again, this time with a bigger group, no snowshoes, and made a huge fire to cook hobo pies and monkey bread on! It was the perfect end to a weekend of winter fun!

Cooking hobo pies and monkey bread!

Heading out for a snowshoe

The fam :)

Paula shooting the .22 for the first time
Bow Bow had a great hike
The view from the bluff
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Declan and Paula at the top

Beautiful day of snowshoeing with my love!