Friday, July 20, 2012

Time for another update from the YMCA computer!  Finally cleaned my house well enough to take some "After" pictures from when we moved in, so I'll show you those later on.  As for updates on the Tunnicliff household we've been busy with summer things, hanging out with friends, and Alex has been preaching most every Sunday since Pastor Ron has been gone for about a month visiting family and doing a wedding or two.  It seems like lately our lives have been filled with all things golf, also.  Alex started playing in a league on Tuesday nights with some church/Northland University people and now has decided that "Summer Alex" = golf and "Fall/Winter Alex" = hunting and being a redneck. :)  Which is fine by me, I've decided to try my hand at golf and did pretty well at the driving range when we were in Manistee, so we're going to play 9 holes tomorrow, we'll see if I still feel the same way after that. :)

Other than that, not much has changed, we're still getting our sole entertainment from Norman and his crazy escapades....the latest of which is to chew through Alex's iPad charger cord!  (he already did the same to my cell phone charger)  I was introduced to Normie's brother the other day and he is HUGE......I kinda hope Norman doesn't get that big, otherwise he might have to be an outdoor kitty.  Alright, here's a few pictures of the house, first the Before pics, everything was covered in dust, and I scrubbed and painted pretty much everything.

Living room Before
Living room After
Living room again (and Norman) :)

Kitchen Before
Kitchen After
Kitchen (that was a $20 table set, thank you Katie) :)

Bedroom Before (Bow dog helped a lot with the cleaning)
Bedroom After-- I love gray and yellow together :)  Oh, and Normie again :)

One of many of our hand-me-down furniture pieces

The display rack Alex made me out of a friend's old barn wood and some shed antlers (I LOVE old barn wood)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I haven't updated in such a long time!  Not too much is new, I'm enjoying my new job at the hospital and trying to stay cool in this insanely hot weather.  We do have a new addition to the family, if you hadn't heard already--he's very tiny, named after a family member, loves to whine and is grey and furry!  Meet Norman:

Whitey and Norman conked out after one of their many battles

Norman and Whitey share an intense love of food-borderline obsessive :)

I hope to get up pictures of Before & After of our new house we're in...some day when I can make it to Alex's office and download the pictures on his computer.