Sunday, August 28, 2011

New addition and Brohman trip

Well, we have made a new addition to our family, we welcomed another little kitty from the pound a few weeks ago.  We got our first kitty, Birdie from there and we decided she needed a sister to play with while we were at work (Bow just wasn't into playing with the kitty).  So, here are a few pictures of Bea, she's about 2 months old and spunky as ever.  How we managed to get two incredibly spunky cats I don't know, but I guess it was bound to happen since we got the world's most well-behaved dog. :)

Bea's a lil sun worshiper :)

Bow tuckered out after a weekend up north with Diesel

So here is Macy, a kitty we found while up at the cabin this weekend.  Bow went chasing after her one night and she ran up a tree but we were able to get her out of it and she was so happy to be petted and fed.  Naturally we couldn't just leave her there, because she was so skinny she would not have lasted through the winter.  So, Matt and Jennie decided to make an addition to their growing family and get a sister for Bufous!  She is the most loving kitty and purrs nonstop!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bowfishing 2011

Here are just a few pictures documenting one night out of many with Miles and Alli going carp shooting, or in Alex's case, bass shooting. ;) I was usually the designated driver, and by driver I mean paddler, because we're too cheap to use a motor.  And when I would need a break Alli would stand in as the backup rower. :)

Stalking their prey

Isn't he cute??

I think this was the only fish of the night, but it was still fun being out there!