Friday, January 6, 2012

729 Woodward Ave

So, I finally got around to cleaning the house so I could take some pictures for those who wanted to see it.  It's definitely got some character and potential, but needs just a few cosmetic updates...

Here's the view when you walk in the front door off the enclosed porch

Our free futon (from Alex's dad), and the bench to the right will eventually have a cushion for it, but I can't find one of the right size....any suggestions??

Our little reading corner, made up of Grandpa Tunnicliff's old recliner, a table and lamp from Alex's mom, and the "fireplace" space heater that Alex bought for me, cause I'm always cold :)

The dining room just off the living room

The somewhat hideous kitchen!

Notice the lovely light fixture ;)

Someone hand-painted the cherries on this wall :/

The smallest spare bedroom has become a little sitting room and "office" with my desk where I can tie flies during the long winter :)

My beloved desk

The very skinny bathroom that has lovely teal floors and yellow tub/sink ;)


The hallway upstairs to the bedrooms...with the mirror that you can only see yourself from the waist down. (We learned that the previous owners were pretty short)

The other spare bedroom that is now deemed the "dresser" room, where all our spare dressers have gone.

The scary master bedroom...probably the ugliest room in the house, but it was the largest so it's our bedroom

The terrible wallpaper that the rest of the bedroom color scheme is based on

The even worse wallpaper that lies beneath the terrible wallpaper.  You can't remove both layers, though, because the first layer rips off the plaster wall with it :)

Our awesome 2 car garage with outside-access overhead storage room

I almost forgot to take a picture of the closet-bathroom on the main level.  They actually made a bathroom out of a closet :)

So, there you have it! Our lovely rental house in Kingsford!  We had a gorgeous sunny day today, that probably reached 40 degrees, so I took Bow on a walk today from the house to the church, which only took 15 minutes!  So it's nice and close, which is perfect, because we're down to one vehicle since Alex's truck won't fit anywhere at the house and I can just walk to the church if I need to use the Commander!

God bless, and hope to update more as new exciting things happen!


  1. So that's the Tunnicliff homestead. Looks great! Light fixtures are quick replacements. I like the short mirror. They must have been "little People." Double wallpaper!!! Yikes. You can take it off, but you're gonna have to do some plaster repair. If you guys have stuff to do in the spring... I wouldn't mind helping out when we come visit. Miss you guys. Hope you're getting all settled in. Fortunately God is giving you a nice and easy transition to the U.P. winters.

  2. Well, I think it's a cute little house! It'll be fun one day to look back on & remember the house you lived in with all the weird/random features. I'm so happy to see pictures! It's nice to get an idea of what your new life is like. :)

  3. The light fixture and red countertops could look really cool if the checkered stuff and cherries weren't there. It's not so bad. It could always be worse. The place looks really nice and I love all the hardwood. I'm sure you are loving the garage, too.