Wednesday, February 8, 2012


One might ask, what is there to do in Iron Mountain?  Well, not much, but there is definitely an abundance of good hiking-so that's what we have been doing in our free time!  Apparently, I need to do more, though, because I've gained a few pounds since we moved and have taken to renting the free fitness DVD's from Family Video!  Three words for you: Denise. Austin. Yoga.  lol, yeh, it's pretty bad, if you have ever done or seen either a denise austin video, or a yoga one you know what I'm talking about.  But, it must be working, because my legs are sore this morning!  Anyways, back on subject, just a few pics of us on another hiking outing.  

One of few pictures of us together...that's my dorky Goodwill hat that Alex says he can't take me seriously when I wear it---but it's so warm!!

Bow found a deer carcass and was gnawing on one of the legs.....yum!

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  1. I love reading your blog and I'm so happy to see an update! How's the house hunt going?