Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Getting Crafty

One might ask, what does one do when one is unemployed and living in Iron Mountain?  Well, if she has any creativity in her bones she crafts!  I've taken to a few easy DIY projects and artwork the past few weeks, it breaks up the monotony of staring at the animals. :)

I don't even really remember where I got the idea for the stencil artwork, but it was pretty easy, because I just found pictures online that I liked, cut them out, and painted them on cute fabric with acrylic paints.  As for the owls, I think that was a Pinterest thing.

Pictures I found online

Pretty cheap artwork-just a small amount of fabric (you could use scraps pretty much), the picture was free,  the paint was about $1 and the frame was from Goodwill!  (whitey wanted to be in the picture)

All 3 that I've finished so far...notice Whitey's paws.....she's so curious :)

close up of fabric

Another close up....this one was actually painted on an old pillowcase I found at Goodwill (I go to Goodwill A LOT)  :)

I found these lovely guys at Goodwill, too!

Just your typical dated trinket

A little spray paint an voila! Much better!

Cute as bookends :)  Oh, and I found that little globe at Goodwill, too.  I thought it was charming.

Close up

So, yeah, that's what I've been doing in my free time lately.  I still have another stencil to paint, of a silhouette of a buck, but I haven't found the right frame at Goodwill yet.  And I'm waiting for a shipment of buttons from eBay to start on another craft that I found off Pinterest, so I'll post pictures of that one once I'm done!

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