Saturday, October 15, 2011

U.P. eh??

As I'm writing this we are currently at a friends house in the U.P. for a weekend of hunting and relaxation.  It has been one of the most fun weekends that I've had in awhile.  I've gotten to meet Mick and Heidi (thats whose house we're staying at) who Alex met this past summer when he was up here preaching at summer camp at Lake Ellen.  It's been such a blast hanging out and getting to know Mick and Heidi, they are very funny and warm people.  It's also been some of the best food up here as Heidi has cooked up awesome scalloped potatoes with ham, chili and cornbread, chinese stir fry, chocolate chip cookie bars, warm apple crisp, and an epic breakfast this morning of blueberry pancakes, bacon, potatoes, and incredible venison tenderloin from the deer I shot Friday morning!

Speaking of that, I was able to shoot my first deer with a bow yesterday morning here on Mick's land.  It was so much fun!  We're going to cut the rest of it up tonight so we can bring some of it home on ice.  Thanks Mick and Heidi!
(I'll have to post a picture later, cause my phone won't let me do it for some reason)

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