Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New car!

So, some of you might know that we were on the hunt for a used Jeep Commander, but we just couldn't find the right one, in the right color, with the right mileage.  We even drove 5 hours down to Ohio to take a look at one that we thought was a great deal, and the man assured us that it was in good condition, just as he described it.  Well, yeah, to make a long story short, it was a turd and we wasted 10 hours of our lives driving down there.  But, the other night at work, Alex had to pick me up because we had a vehicle in the shop, and as he called me to ask what door to pick me up at the conversation went a little something like this:

"Where do you want me to pick you up at, babe?"
-"The same door you dropped me off at."
"Oh, ok, I'm here, but I don't see you..."
-"Hmm.....weird, because I'm sitting right here, but I don't see you either....but I do see a sweet Commander."
"Huh, strange, what's Bow doing in the Commander??"
-(as he pulls up in a black Jeep Commander) "What!?"

Well, if you couldn't follow that conversation Alex drove all the way to Detroit with our friend Miles, with cash in hand to buy this Commander that he had found.  He knew it was exactly what we wanted, so he set up the whole plan to have his truck in the shop (which it didn't really need to be) so that he could pick me up from work in the new car.  He loves his surprises. :)

But, as my old Sunday School teacher would say, the kicker of the story is that on our way home, less than 2 minutes into the ride we lose power, electricity, everything just shuts down!  I couldn't help but laugh, and when we opened the hood we discovered that Alex had driven all the way from Detroit with a bad positive cable for the battery....the connection was completely melted off because of a bad repair that the previous owner probably did.  Thank God that it didn't happen hundreds of miles away from home, and also that it was a pretty cheap fix.  But, all in all, we are very happy with our new vehicle now!  Thanks for the awesome surprise, Alex!

This isn't our actual Jeep--but you get the picture :)

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