Monday, November 4, 2013

Massive recap!

So, I haven't really been motivated to update the blog ever since getting Instagram, but I'm working a midnight shift tonight and have nothing else to do!  Oh, and mom wanted some way to look at my Instagram page, so hopefully I'll figure out how to put a link on here!  Anyways, enjoy the random recap of the last 6 months!
A friend from church is having a baby boy (actually, she's in labor right now!) so I made some burp cloths and cute onesies!

The next few pictures are all some crafting projects I've completed just recently--but the crafting never stops, I'm always stealing new ideas from Pinterest, or just from seeing things in stores.

Saw something similar on Etsy for $90 and thought: I can make that!......Voila-rustic frame with trout and flies (custom tied by yours truly!) :)
Shadow box from TJ Maxx when I visited Mom in September.  These are really cute recycled paper flowers (which I probably could have made myself, but sometimes it's just easier to buy it already done!)
Saw some burlap wrapped candle holders in a store and again though: I can do that!  So, used one of my many recycled Bath and Body Works candle jars, some burlap ribbon and hot glue and there ya have it!
Ok, last crafy thing:  Probably the only upholstering I will ever attempt (if you can call it that).  Found this sturdy chair at the Restore for $10, put some fresh paint and a new seat on it and it looks purdy nice I think!
Went to Fayette State Park near Garden Corners, MI with some girlfriends in September.  This is the view from one of the bays right in the park looking to some pretty impressive limestone bluffs.  The park is a restored old iron manufacturing town-you can go in most of the buildings and learn all about this ghost town that was once booming in the early 1900s...kind of neat!

Ok, the next few pics are of things we've killed, so if you have an aversion to hunting close your eyes and scroll down to the end. :)

Bow isn't quite sure what to think of his furry compadre--there's so many coyotes and wolves up here it's considered a service to thin them out a little.  Just imagine one of these eating a little fawn from the back end while it's still alive and you won't be so sad that Alex shot him least that's what I do...
Opening morning of bow season I got a nice old doe--thanks for the help Bow dog!
And opening evening Alex shot this nice buck with his longbow!
Kind of random, but we upgraded to a big boy grill (still not gas, but charcoal is better if you ask me!) And it captures the nice view and some of the fall colors!

Had a bonfire out on state land with some friends and Bow had another tussle with a porcupine :/
Porcupines: 3
Bow dog: 0

Got some new snowshoes, so bring on the snow! Hiking in the winter up here is actually one of my favorite times to do it, because you don't get super sweaty and there's no bugs!  Also, snowshoeing burns tons of calories! It's a win-win-win :)
Many of you know that Alex's personality is to go all in on hobbies when he decides to do them.  Last winter it was Nerf wars, this year I have a sneaking suspicion it is Ping Pong. :)

And to conclude this post how about an adorable sibling snuggle time!


  1. I'm so happy to see you back in the blog world! Let me know if you figure out how to add an instagram feed to your profile. I've been trying to figure it out for months! :)

  2. My friend used this website to add her instagram to her blog:

    I haven't been able to figure it out, but hopefully it works for you!