Friday, October 12, 2012

Declan & Ruth

Last weekend we got to see Declan and his girlfriend Ruth for a few days, they stayed with us and we got to know his new girlfriend a little better.  It's always fun/crazy/exhausting/loud when Declan comes to stay. :)  We love him, though and are glad that he feels welcome to come for a few days...and hopefully to move up here in the near future!  Here's just a few pictures from that weekend, Ruth and I went to the farmer's market Saturday morning, hiked around our favorite spots, made a Goodwill run, and Declan shot a deer Saturday night- his first! (Sorry, no picture)

Sadly I only got pictures of the back of Ruth!

Sweeping view

One of about 3 pictures of us since we've been married :)

Buds :)

Bow Bow wanted to wear dad's scarf (it has a different name, but I can't remember it...I'm sure he wouldn't like me calling it a scarf!)

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