Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Quick update while I have a computer to type on...a few big things have been happening here:

1. I'm sure most of you know by now, but I recently got a job as a relief x-ray tech at the hospital in town here, which was a huge answer to prayers-so thank you!  I start training Monday, June 4th and will train on days for a week (7-3) and then the next week I'll have a few 3-11 shifts and then end with two 3rd shift trainings at the end of June.  Should make for a busy June, as I'm keeping my job at the YMCA also!  I'm expecting it to die down pretty quickly after my training is up, though, but your prayers would be very appreciated!

2. We are moving out of the house on Woodward into a smaller duplex in Iron Mountain (to save money and get off the busy road) and we move tomorrow!  Hopefully we will have lots of hands to make it go quickly!

3. A kind of random update, I've come out of retirement and am playing piano for the worship team at church now.  After having 2 worship leaders leave recently (both for extrenuating family circumstances and job opportunities) we were really hurting for musicians (mainly a guitarist) but a pianist will have to do!  I'm actually enjoying it quite a bit, and the church has loaned me a keyboard that I can use at home to practice during the week.

4.  We were supposed to have Declan visiting this weekend/next week, but he is not able to come anymore, so now we look forward to Mom and Dad visiting in a few weekends!  Hopefully I'll have most of the house put away by then!

5. And of course, we are keeping busy with church engagements and getting to know people better, which really has been very fun.

6.  The last bit of news (that I'm not too excited about) but Alex put in for a bear tag for the fall, and is uber-excited to bear hunt.  Of which I've made it very clear that I will take no part in--especially not the tracking if he hits one! 


  1. So much brand new information! haha... I'm so excited about the job! Congrats (you already told me but I'm still excited for u!) I can't wait to see pics of ur new place. Good luck with the move!

  2. Nice to hear you came out of retirement. Too bad you won't be there when we are in IM, we could have brought out our old piano duets and put on a good show, ha. I found a few pages of one of them and played through it a bit, it was not too easy since I only had about 3 out of the 8 pages, and they weren't in order.