Friday, March 23, 2012

Piers Gorge

Last week we were making the most of the awesome weather, and decided to finally check out a spot we had been told about by a few people.  It was about 80 degrees and we loaded up the Bow dog to hike around at Piers Gorge, in Norway, MI...about 10 minutes away.  It's a rocky trail along the Menominee River, where the river is forced into a tight gorge that results in a series of 4 rapids.  It was pretty incredible,  beautiful hiking, and just 10 minutes away from home!  We'll be sure to make the trip whenever we have family come up to visit!
The first little rapids
Trekking off the beaten path

Rapids #3

Enjoying the cool breeze coming off the water-it felt like air conditioning!

Rapids #3......these pictures do not do them justice

Riverside artwork

Don't worry, he wasn't about to shoot anybody ;)

Bow trying to keep cool by a tree. :) Abit of random sad news......Alex was out with Brian hiking in the woods and stump shooting when they spotted a porcupine in a tree.  Well, naturally, Alex wanted to kill it, so they had Olivia (Brian's daughter) hold Bow while Alex took a shot at it with his bow.  Well, Alex made a kill shot to the head, but when that porcupine started tumbling out of the tree Bow couldn't take it anymore, and Olivia couldn't hold onto him and he bounded after the porcupine.  Naturally, the porcupine did what porcupines do best and quilled Bow right in the nose and he got some in his paw, too.  I'm so glad I wasn't there to see it.  Alex did a good job of removing all the quills from Bow's nose and paw while    Bow just whimpered a little and licked Alex's hand as a sort of "thank you".  Then we got him home and gave him a much needed bath, some peroxide on his wounds, and lots of treats. :)

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