Friday, May 27, 2011

Random surprise

So this will just be a short post, but I came home one day to find a lovely surprise gift from Alex.  He had gone to a second hand/pawn shop and saw this old trunk and thought of me! I really love it, because our house is so small and there's not much storage (which he knows) so he got me this charming huge trunk to hold lots of our stuff!  I thought it was a very sweet gesture of him, so here it is in our living room.  Oh, and the kitty likes it too, cause she can plot attacks on the birds that come to the feeder in front of our window. :)
We also had our friends Declan and Cora over for a few days last weekend, and Declan gets a lot of joy out of terrorizing our cat, like we do, so this is what we discovered after he had thrown a coat over her while she laid on the floor:

She had gotten herself stuck in the sleeve! Sorry the picture's kinda blurry, but I was laughing so hard....
I'll hopefully be posting before and after pics of our spare bedroom as I'm going to be painting it!

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